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Holi's Home Away From Home
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Me, Me, and more Me
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Sick of it yet? *grins* Well scroll down to get the full effect :)

This is a place where I can get away. A place where I can be anything I want to be. We all need this escape so come and tell me what you would like to be in Holi's daydream.

Well I know you haven't come to my little page becuase of the flashy graphic or the neat sounds effects, so I guess I will have to try and entertain you myself. Since this is my page, I guess I should give you some info about me!

I am 31 years old, an age that when I first started this page was ANCIENT.  I have recently realized after a health scare that this is just the start of my life.  I currently live in Omaha, Nebraska.  Am orginally from a little town called Humboldt, Nebraska.  It is a small town with about 1000 people in it.  A nice place to grow up, but a town where if you sneeze your neighbors come over and ask if you are alright. (Don't laugh this acutally happened)  I graduated from Humbolt High in1994 and went on to college at UNK.  Since then I graduated from UNK (University of Nebraska-Kearney) after 7 years. And yes I know most people who go to school for 7 years are called doctors *grins*. I am not sure I ho much I actually learned there but I have a $40,000 piece of paper. My field if anyone is wondering is Human Development and Family Relationships (being a glorified babysitter) but it is helping people and that is what I wish to do :)  Right now I am not working in my field (to my family's chagrin), but I am having fun working at one of the casino's across the river here.  It is entertaining and I get to meet alot of different varieties of people.  Don't they say that variety is the spice of life? 

I hang out around the net a few places. I have met some good friends and some very interesting things. The first is a place called IgorMud. It is an interesting place and most of the poeple there seem like family to me. On the mud I am Holi so if you see me on give me a flip or a lick *smiles*. This is the first mud or anything "online" I had gotten into it. I would like to take this time to thank my friend Cheerio for getting me addicted. *growls* THANKS ALOT! The second place I tend to hang out is Port Kar. It's a Gor themed talker and I have met alot of new and nice people there. I landed there by accident but I am fairly reluctant to leave. As I said I like the people and I also enjoy learning a new way that people live their life. It is very mind broadening and for this small town Nebraska girl that is good.

I have had a addition to my family. On October 1st a little boy named Guido joined me. Granted Guido has 4 legs and is a cat but still. He is like a child to me and is WAY to spoiled already. I walked past his cage at the store and promptly fell in love. What can I say? I'm a sucker for guy with a pair of eyes that screams TAKE ME HOME.  I realized that in updating this page I haven't touched it in years.  Guido is now an 8 year old lazy and fat cat.  But I love him all the same. 

This is Guido. Isn't he cute?

Holi: What more can be said!