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Holi's Home Away From Home
Me, Me, and more Me
My Family
My Thoughts
My Resume
How I waste my time.
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Welcome to my little place in space. Sit back and click mindlessly through my pages!! Have fun!

Hello all!!! I'm sure that your oh so anxious to learn more about me (ok so maybe I'm feeling a little bit self-involved today, writing about oneself does that to ya). My family, my cat, and myself will be the topics of this page. What can I say I like to stick to the things I know best. If your lucky, I might include some of my writings and maybe a daydream or two. So please come dream with me.

When your done with this little getaway, be sure to sign my guestbook or you can e-mail me :) I need something other than junk mail.

What's New?

What's new? Well let's see...since this is a beginning web page. EVERYTHING is new. So get in here and look at it *grins*

A dancing fairy

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